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WYCO U-16 Has Ended! 1. Armenia, 2. India, 3. Russia
finalContested matches,
a quality organization,
happy faces and the end;

The World Youth Under 16 Chess Olympiad has ended!

The awards ceremony ended with all participants. After a long and tiring days of struggles, Armenia first, India was second and Russia third.

The nature trail will leave the lives of all participants in the competition, enjoyable for all participants upon passing of days Thank you to everyone who contributed.

We hope to see you again in another tournament.
The Final Countdown!


Armenia who does not leave his chair in leadership While entering the last round of tournament just need a half points to declaration of title.

On the other hand, After Armenia we see Russia, India, Turkey Red and Belarus who are fighting for top three.

The eyes were converted to match points.

Tha last round is going to start at 10:00 a.m. with final count down
After Double Rounds Entered The Last Bend
The leader of the competition Armenia took the difference to four points with 3-1 win outcome against Turkmenistan-A. Russia, Turkey-Red and India continue unabated, even if the roads are hard to catch the summit. The first three in this sense, the struggle is heating up gradually.

Armenia declared the title could and the top three teams will slowly gain clarity on the ninth round 16:00 PM

We look forward to big games in the ninth round of the tension mounting.

From eighth round; one nice game & one unfortunate moment

Vakhidov,Jakhongir(2291) - IM Stukopin,Andrey(2458)
FM Atabayev ,Yusup (2313) - FM Aghasaryan ,Robert (2295)
Free Day: Insuyu Cave & Sagalassos Ancient City
The first stop of the trip; Insuyu Cave

The most appealing feature of Burdur is Insuyu, the second largest cave of the world.

There are millions of stalactites and stalagmites as well as nine pools in the cave which is 597 m long and it is good for wandering in little boats. Since the water in the cave is curing for diabetes it is widely visited by diabetics.

This spectacular creation of nature may not be the first item in your itinerary, but you should not miss it.


All participants passed through the Sagalassos ancient city after leaving the charming atmosphere of cave.

The ancient ruins of Sagalassos are 7 km from Ağlasun in the province of Burdur, on Mount Akdağ, in the Western Toros mountain range, at an altitude of 1450-1700 metres.

In Roman Imperial times, the town was known as the 'first city of Pisidia', a region in the western Taurus mountains, currently known as the Turkish Lakes Region.

Already during the Hellenistic period, it had been one of the major Pisidian towns.


After tiring but fun trip; Canada, Turkmenistan, Belarus and Portugal's chess players played football this afternoon.

You can see further nice moments from the excursion in photo gallery.

We hope everyone took a rest and got away from the pressure of tournament today. Tomorrow 7th round is going to start at 10:00 a.m.
The Sixth Battle Started After Ceremonial March
Members of the teams of all participating countries and people from Burdur joined a sightseeing tour in Burdur.

After the ceremonial march in the city the opening ceremony was held by the Burdur Municipality. Protocol speeches done by the President of Turkish Chess Federation Mr. Ali Nihat YAZICI, mayor of the Municipality of Burdur Mr. Sebahattin AKKAYA and governer of Burdur Mr. Süleyman TAPSIZ.

The big battle started at 16:00 p.m.

The strong teams handed out their opponents with shocking results. Armenia won a critical match against Turkey-Red and continued their way to the championship.

Russia, India, Belarus and Uzbekistan won their match and they will wait for the leader's mistake to rise to the top.

On the other hand, the unexpected result of the sixth round is that Libya's tictory against Turkmenistan-B.

Tomorrow there will be a day-off in the “WYCO U-16” and it means we can expect more exciting struggle in the next round because players will come with renewed vigour.
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